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HomeServe Mobile App Puts Everything in Your Home at Your Fingertips

December 06, 2019

Whether it is an appliance breaking down, a system needing repair, or remembering to schedule regular maintenance, your home always needs attention, and the number of questions needing answers can seem endless. For example, Did I remember to change the AC filter? Does the latest washer/dryer recall pertain to my appliance models? The dishwasher is leaking, but where did I put the owner’s manual? How do I program the date and time on the thermostat?

According to South Jersey Energy Service Plus Service Manager Frank Siderio, “In order to help manage these day-to-day inconveniences, our partners at HomeServe have launched an exciting new app which gives homeowners access to an innovative digital inventory and support system, and the fastest path to resolving a wide array of home repair problems. Simply install the free HomeServe App on your mobile device, or sign in from your desktop, and put everything in your home at your fingertips.”

Once installed, snap a picture of any appliance or device label in your home. The app will identify the product by make and model, create individual folders for each item, and provides users with a suite of resources including owner’s manuals, manufacturer warranty information, and how-to videos. You will also receive alerts regarding product recalls, and reminders when it is time for basic maintenance. Plus, you will have access to all the available parts, supplies, and accessories for the items you own and be able to order them with just a few taps, or you can get repair help and access to a qualified SJESP technician when service is needed.

“Our goal is to put our customers and partners at the heart of everything we do, including investing in new advanced technologies that offer real solutions to simplify life,” said HomeServe CEO John Kitzie. “As we build on one of our biggest strengths, our customer service experience, we are excited to work with our local partners as we roll-out new technologies to make it easier for individuals to manage their homes.”

Keeping everything in your home running at peak efficiency is one less thing you have to worry about. So why not make life a bit more simplified for yourself? Download the HomeServe App today and quickly organize all of your home maintenance and warranty information in one place.


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