Reduced Costs, Greater Performance with Furnace Maintenance in South Jersey

Proper maintenance is maybe the best thing you can do to have a safe and efficient heating system for your needs. Scheduled service from a professional technician offers much better performance and reduced energy bills, while also helping to prevent expensive furnace repairs down the road. With regular furnace maintenance, it can last in better working conditions for years to come and help you enjoy a warm, comfy home during cold winter months.

At South Jersey Energy Services Plus, our experienced technicians are capable of providing complete furnace maintenance for all the top makes and models. From yearly inspections and cleaning to detailed tune-ups, we are ready to handle all of your maintenance needs. Contact us today at 888-246-2610 to discover more about how professional furnace maintenance can benefit you!

Why Does Furnace Maintenance Enhance Performance?

Furnace maintenance does much more than just keep your furnace from failing. It also helps ensure that it is working at its top performance, providing an abundance of heat in the most efficient manner possible. During a typical furnace service, a technician will meticulously inspect and clean the system components and make any necessary adjustments to ensure continued optimal operation. This can include all sorts of things from changing filters to adjusting belts and calibrating parts for appropriate functioning. As a result, furnace maintenance can help boost efficiency and reduce energy costs associated with running your furnace over time.

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Five Jobs You Can Expect During Professional Furnace Maintenance



It is important to clean furnace parts like the heat exchanger, blower fan blades and burner assembly. This helps remove dust and debris that can collect over time, keeping everything working smoothly and preventing problems that need furnace repair.

Filter Replacement

Dirty furnace filters can diminish airflow and make it more challenging for your furnace to do its job efficiently. During a furnace maintenance service call, technicians will switch out any worn-out or dirty furnace filters. They can even recommend the most appropriate air filter for your air quality needs.



Calibrating Parts

Proper calibration of crucial furnace parts like the burner assembly keeps every unique system working seamlessly together. If certain furnace components like the heat exchanger are broken, it may best to consider furnace replacement.

Examining Accessories

During a maintenance call, technicians should also check accessories like the thermostat, especially if conditions indicate it’s involved with any current issues. Deciding the proper root cause of any concerns helps avoid needless or premature furnace installation.



Invest in Quality Furnace Maintenance Today

Regular furnace maintenance from a nearby professional has got many benefits including better performance, improved safety and lower energy bills over time. Give us a call today at 888-246-2610 to request furnace maintenance services!

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