Furnace Replacement in South Jersey

Replace or Upgrade Your Home’s Heating System

Our South Jersey heating repair & installation experts can fix most of your HVAC problems. There are some situations that require total system replacement and others where you may be interested in upgrading to a more effective and energy-efficient system. We will work with you to determine which heating system is right for you so you can begin enjoying its benefits as soon as possible.

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Furnace Replacement in South Jersey
Furnace Installation in South Jersey

How old is your furnace?

A good place to start is to compare your furnaces age to the national average. The average life expectancy of furnaces in homes today is between 16 and 20 years. If your furnace is close to this age or older, you should begin shopping. Shopping for a replacement furnace in an emergency does not allow time to make your best decision. Most people prefer to replace their furnace as a planned home improvement rather than a panic replacement when your furnace is faltering or failed. For starters, look at your furnace to see if you have a pilot light. If you do, it is almost certain to be over 25 years old!

Signs of a Heating Problem

It is important to recognize the early signs of a heating issue so you can get it addressed. Some are fairly easy to recognize, such as a heating system that won’t turn on, but others can be hidden. If you recognize these signs, call our Southern Jersey heating company for repairs as quickly as possible.

If you’ve noticed any of the issues listed, call us for a South Jersey heater repair technician and trust that your comfort is in good hands.

The following can be signs of potential heating system problems:

  • Strange smells when you turn on the system
  • Flashing lights or other indicators on your thermostat
  • Banging noises or other strange sounds when the system is running
  • The system is sending out cold air
  • The heating system turns on and off frequently, or won’t turn on or off

Heating System Repair Plans from HomeServe

Avoid the cost of unexpected heating system repairs by enrolling in an affordable heating system repair plan from HomeServe. You’ll pay a low monthly cost and if your heating system fails unexpectedly your repair plan will take care of the covered breakdown repair costs and most major parts. Learn more and sign up for a heating repair plan by clicking the link below.

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