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Furnace Installation in South Jersey

Replace or Upgrade Your Home's Heating System

No homeowner wants to deal with a malfunctioning furnace or boiler during the cold winter months. While home heating systems can often be repaired, their does come a time when it makes more sense to replace an existing system. The heating experts at SJESP can help you determine whether furnace or boiler replacement is the right solution for your home and provide you with expert installation.

When should you replace your furnace?

There are two major reasons to replace your furnace. First is when it's broken down beyond repair and won't function correctly anymore. Second is when the system has become to old to operate efficiently. If you're considering an upgrade, a good place to start is to compare your furnace's age to the national average. The average life expectancy of furnaces in homes today is between 15 and 20 years. If your furnace is close to this age or older, you should begin shopping. Modern heating systems are far more efficient and will help you save money over time. South Jersey Energy Service Plus can help you evaluate the the right choice for your home and provide you with complete furnace or boiler services. Contact us today for an estimate in Hammonton, Evesham, Monroe Township, and the nearby areas!


Home Heating Services

SJESP is proud to offer our customers the following additional heating services.

Boiler Services

Boiler Services

SJESP are your local experts for complete boiler services, including repair, replacement, and maintenance. We'll ensure your system is operating correctly and efficiently.
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Heating Maintenance

Proper maintenance is the key to ensuring your heating system operates correctly all winter long. SJESP provides regular maintenance, seasonal tune-ups, and more for gas furnaces and boilers.
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Heating Repair

Our team of experienced technicians knows how to properly diagnose and repair your furnace or boiler. No matter the age of your system, we can help you get the right heating repair solution for your needs.
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What Our Customers Say About SJESP

  • Jack S.

    “I just received a letter from South Jersey Gas pointing out that our house is among the most-efficient homes within South Jersey Gas' service area. Thanks for doing such a terrific job selecting and installing our new furnace and AC system.”

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As a South Jersey Gas Preferred Contract, SJESP offers Energy Star® certified high-efficiency equipment that can help you save energy and money. Now, choosing high-efficiency is more affordable. When you upgrade your HVAC and/or Water Heating systems you can get rebates up to $500 for eligible Water Heaters or up to $1,500 for eligible HVAC equipment.

Plus, take advantage of 0% APR financing options up to $15,000 for 7 years with the On-Bill Repayment Program (OBRP). Click here for financing details or contact SJESP for more information.

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Signs of a Heating Problem | SJESP by HomeServe

Signs of a Heating Problem

It is important to recognize the early signs of a heating issue so that it can get addressed as soon as possible. Some are fairly easy to recognize, such as a heating systems that won’t turn on, but others can be hidden.

If you recognize any of the issues listed, call South Jersey Energy Service Plus to contact a heater repair technician and trust that your comfort is in good hands.

The following can be signs of potential heating system problems:

  • Strange smells when you turn on the system
  • Flashing lights or other indicators on your thermostat
  • Banging noises or other strange sounds when the system is running
  • The system is sending out cold air
  • The heating system turns on and off frequently, or won’t turn on or off
Replace or Upgrade Your Home's Heating System | SJESP by HomeServe

Heating System Repair Plans from HomeServe

Avoid the cost of unexpected heating system repairs by enrolling in an affordable heating system repair plan from HomeServe. You’ll pay a low monthly cost and if your heating system fails unexpectedly your repair plan will take care of the covered breakdown repair costs and most major parts. Learn more our replacement service and how we can help you by clicking the link below.

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